Roaze Soothing Minky Blanket – Elegant Deer


Measurement : 110cm x 75cm, slim type
Product Material : Fabric 100% Polyester / Lining 100% Polyester
Applicable Age : 0 months and above

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Roaze Soothing Minky Blanket – Elegant Deer

A great gift for newborn baby, winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award.

Why Choose Roaze Soothing Minky Blanket?

Beanie blanket is designed with pellets to stabilize your baby’s mood and increase self-confidence.
Fluffy texture is soft and velvety, skin friendly with meticulous hand feels.
Multipurpose, for every stage of your child’s development.

Free from fluorescent agents and formaldehyde. Printed with soy ink.

Product applications:

  • Napping blanket
  • Stroller blanket
  • Air conditioning blanket
  • Soothing blanket




ROAZE comes from the word 'Rose' in French. It symbolizes the beauty and bravery of women, seemingly simple but not ordinary, with a dazzling glory. When love sublimated to family affection and the girl is transformed into a mother, she learns to retouch her sharp edges in front of the child. The spontaneous love is conveyed into a firm gentleness, as soft and natural as zero added wipes.