Roaze Dry Baby Wipes (Tender) – 80 pcs


Wipe measurement : 20cm x 20cm
Pack size : 80 pcs per box
Shelf life : 5 years
Country of origin : Taiwan

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Give your skin a burden-free cleaning moment

Made from natural plant fiber, with soft and tender texture, this wipe is the most suitable choice for our skin.

Why choose Roaze dry wipes?

Newborn baby has tender and sensitive skin. With Roaze dry wipes, use with suitable choice of water type without the worry of added preservatives and chemicals.
This effectively helps to prevent diaper rash.

Medical grade spunlace nonwomen fabric that is chemical free. Cottony soft, breathable too.




ROAZE comes from the word 'Rose' in French. It symbolizes the beauty and bravery of women, seemingly simple but not ordinary, with a dazzling glory. When love sublimated to family affection and the girl is transformed into a mother, she learns to retouch her sharp edges in front of the child. The spontaneous love is conveyed into a firm gentleness, as soft and natural as zero added wipes.