Roaze Baby Oral Cleaning Wipes – 180 pcs


Wipe measurement : 10cm x 10cm
Pack size : 180pcs/box
Shelf life : 5 years
Country of origin : Taiwan

Good oral hygiene starts at an early age.
Roaze baby wipes is a convenient and simple way to clean.
Gums and tongue should be cleaned on regular routine to make sure no leftover milk residues.
Regular oral cleaning helps baby to pick up the brushing habit later on too!

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When to use Roaze oral cleaning wipes?

0-6 month old
Oral cleaning after milk, gum massage
6 month – 1.5 year old
Teeth and gum cleaning, help to pick up brushing habit
Above 1.5 year old
When baby is still unable to gargle
Teeth and gum cleaning when away from home and unable to brush

How to use Roaze oral cleaning wipes?

1. Before cleaning baby’s mouth, wash and make sure your hands are clean to avoid transferring bacteria into baby’s mouth.

2. Wrap the cleaning wipe around your finger and dip into clean drinking water.

3. Put your finger into baby’s mouth, softly wipe the upper gums then the lower.

It is encouraged to clean baby’s mouth right after every feed.

Clinically tested, the right size for oral cleaning.



ROAZE comes from the word 'Rose' in French. It symbolizes the beauty and bravery of women, seemingly simple but not ordinary, with a dazzling glory. When love sublimated to family affection and the girl is transformed into a mother, she learns to retouch her sharp edges in front of the child. The spontaneous love is conveyed into a firm gentleness, as soft and natural as zero added wipes.