• Environmentally-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Skin Friendly
  • Top Quality
  • Vegan
  • Innovative
  • Certified
  • Reliable

Made in Germany, Almawin provides a range of eco-friendly cleaning products which are excellent in performance at the same time gentle to your skin.

Almawin products are concentrates made of biodegradable ingredients.

The carefully selected natural raw materials are of vegetable and mineral origin and, wherever possible, organically certified. 

By observing strict criteria, Almawin represents an ecologically sound product range which confirmed by various labels.

Ecogarantie ®

  • Only natural, plant based and mineral raw materials.
  • No petrochemical ingredients.
  • No genetically modified organism, no animal testing.
  • Environmentally friendly production provesses Ecogarantie® products guarantees good biological degradability, no toxicity for aquatic organisms, preservation of human health, minimal impact on the environment.

ECOCERT Greenlife

  • Natural plant-based, mineral-based or animal based raw materials.
  • No genetically modified organism, no nanotechnology.
  • No synthetic fragrances or colourants, no fillers.
  • Environmentally friendly production processes.


  • The Vegan Society supports and promotes a vegan lifestyle, protects the wellbeing of people and animals, and - in particular - strives to prevent animal suffering.
  • Products containing no animal products or substances derived from animals (eg. Gelatine, milk protein, colourants) are furnished with the seal after examination by the Vegan Society.